Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So in March I didnt post anything so Im pretty much going to sum up the whole month.
Well early in the month I took Sarah for a photo shoot. She turned 2. Can you believe it!? My baby turned 2! The photo shoot turned out great we had some awesome pictures! Once we had the pictures, like we planned drove down to Brownsville to spend Spring Break with family and to have her birthday party down there...But before I took a road trip from Houston to Brownsville with my Sarah, my cousin Jeamileth, my cousin Maury, my brother Agus and his dog, I stayed in Houston because it was my BFF Beatrice's birthday! It was going to be at Drink Houston, a club... I had never been.
It was a crazy day/night! I had stayed up all night before the actual party talking to Brandon on the phone... just because I knew that I would be super busy in the next few days, traveling and such that it would be hard to talk. So I woke up at like 4 pm on Saturday... yeah crazy.. I know. But I got up ate did my thing... then I went over to Beatrice's to borrow some shoes... I hadnt packed anything club like.. not that I own much "club attire" Anyways, so I had to go pick up Vanessa and since of course I ALWAYS procrastinate I was running late. I didnt even have time to wash my hair. Which sucked because a humid night in Houston was torture on my hair. It was frizzy all night. Well we go there and I only had a few drinks, Vanesa didnt want to be home so late and I was driving. Overall, it was a fun night. Came home somewhat early and tried to get a good night sleep, since I had to hit the road first thing in the morning.
Only picture where you cant see my frizzy hair. Also... thats pineapple juice in my cup. lol
Well we went on our way the next day... Not morning.. we ended up leaving around 2 pm. lol We stayed at my uncle Erik's house which was awesome cuz I love my little cousin Leslie, but not so much because her mom is... whats the word.. strict? Lest leave it at that.. well Sarah's actual birthday was on Tuesday, March 15, but her party was not till the 19th.. that Saturday. But I had a huge day planned out that day. We were going to go to the Childrens Museum, the Zoo and Chuck E Cheese.
at the Childrens Museum.

My baby was so beautiful!<3
Of course like always, Sarah being just like her daddy!
The birthday party was a complete success! Well ok, not a lot of people showed up and I did spent a ton of money AND Brandon is in Kuwait, but I know that Sarah had a blast and thats the only thing that matters to me. Next year, Brandon and I decided that for her birthday we would go and have a blast in Disney Land! Just us three and I cant wait!  We also went to South Padre Island, which would of been awesome if there werent so many Spring Break Crazies! Literally took ups 2 hours just to get into the Island! But where we went the beach was so calm and free of drunk crazy college kids!
 Also, cant forget... March 20, its my mans birthday... but it sucks because like I said earlier... hes in Kuwait being a hero for us and for this country.<3 I bought him a camera and some other goodies and sent them his way. This is one of the pictures he took with his new present. I miss him so much. This
month was a great month and made so many memories, but it really felt like I was missing some thing. Of course The camera was not the only thing that I got Brandon, since he was not able to spend spring break with us and missed the party I made him a awesome video. It was so fun to make and its also a little summery of what we all did the whole week. I used Brandon's favorite song. Its my kind of party, by Jason Aldean. Enjoy.