Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New in town.

So I guess I should start from the top.
My name is Magda, 21, married with a beautiful daughter.
Thats the basics pretty much.
I started this blog because lately I've been having all these thoughts and also, ive been wanting to blog since high school but never got around to it. Looking back, I wish I should of done it. I really wish I knew what I was thinking about when I made choices in life! Been thought ALOT in the past 3 years. Could of. Should of. Would of.
My lifes pretty laid back right now, I just got out of the US Army, and is taking a break from school. And, Im enjoying every second of it! I get to spend every second with my princess Sarah.
My husband whos still in the Army is leaving to Iraq by the end of year, which is another reason I wanted to start this blog. Not really looking forward to that but thats life. Sometimes you get the shit end of the stick, literally.
Anyways, I guess thats enough for now.I really wish I hadnt decided to do my first post via my cell. Its kinda frustrating!