Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Three- Favorite Show

I have way to many favorite shows. The Office, Friends, Nip/Tuck, The Walking Dead, Law and Order SVU, and I can keep naming them all day. But the one show that truly BLEW my mind away I have to say was
 I mean seriously, this show was out of this world. A lot of people would disagree, and Ill be the first to say that if you're not into sci-fi kind of stuff then steer away. Im serious. This show is so unrealistic. But its soooo good. I was a little sketchy about watching it I always heard good things and I watched the Emmy's this year they had a special about how this year the series ended so I gave it a chance. Besides it was on Instantly Watch on Netflix. So I watched the first episode and I was HOOKED. I literally stayed up till like 4 am that night.
 This is the kind of show that at the end of the episode it left you wanting more, so you had to watch the next episode. Realisticly, some of the "mysteries" never got solved till a few seasons later. But it was worth it! This picture of the Dharma Initiative food was hilarious! They had everything, it was too funny. Had to post it.
 Yeah there were a lot of crazy things going on. This cartoon mocks the black smoke but it was so funny because at one point I was scared of the ominous creepy music. I havent seen the ending yet thought. Ive only seen a few episodes of the last season and IM DYING to find out how it ends. I have read in other blogs that its not very good. I hope Im not disappointed. I seriously invested WAAAAY to much time into this show. I love this show even if some questions were never answered!!!!

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