Saturday, February 26, 2011

Genghis Grill

So, I went to this place called Genghis Grill. Its Mongolian Stir Fry, and it is AWESOME! I've only been there twice and both times have been too delicious for words. The thing that is awesome about this place is that they give you a bowl, its tiny, but basically you have to try to fit in as much food on that bowl as you can. You can choose from beef pork sausage shrimp calamari, scallops, even tofu! Add you own seasoning, and sauce (I usually get the Cajun seasoning and bbq sauce, makes it nice a spicy) Then add veggies, pretty much any you want. Then they ask you what kind of starch... I always get fried rice. Then they grill it for you and VIOLA! Deliciousness is a bowl:

Whats also awesome is that for only 12.99 its bottomless bowl. I went today and I went through twice and brought some home. Sarah Lynn loved veggies, so this place is perfect! She can eat from her bowl all by herself. Its perfect. I cant believe I never knew about this place till recently. OMG Ive been in Killeen for almost 3 years. But I will definatly be going more ofter. Olive Garden, I think someone has replaced you as favorite restaurant!

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